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At Millgate Homes we regard our sub contractors as part of the team. Indeed, the staff provided by KBO over the last 12 years have almost become an integral part of our finishing team. The quality of their workmanship and installation is exceptional and what we like about them is they do not require supervision once we have awarded the contract and this is vital on our busy sites. Their security systems are extremely effective in our super prime properties and provide a very high standard of security for our purchasers. Over the years we have found KBO to be very competitive providing excellent value for money. Their customer service team is very responsive, professional and efficient and as a consequence we envisage having a mutually beneficial on-going business relationship with them in the future. I am happy to recommend KBO.
David Simpson, Managing Director – Millgate Homes

  Millgate Homes

Walker Logistics and KBO Fire & Security have been working in partnership for many years. We provide a custom service for a number of major blue chip international organisations, our own business premises are very remote and as such our level of security needs to be of the highest quality. Whilst offering a very professional and personal service KBO have become a very valued member of our team there response is very positive, and their engineers have become very familiar with our business needs and the standards we aim to deliver and will always rise to any challenge. Our security is one of the corner stone’s of what we do and is a rock on which we build our relationships with our clients KBO have proved on many occasions they have the professionalism to rise to that challenge.
Lee Smith, Facilities Manager - Walker Logistics Ltd


KBO provide a one stop service for our CCTV, alarm and access control systems. They provide a flexible, proactive service and are quick to respond to problems, enabling us to focus on other areas of our business.
Kevin Falconer BSc(hons), Group Operations Coordinator – Enterprise Business Support