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Commercial (SME's)

Fire & Life Safety Systems

A fire within a commercial building can be devastating.  Many businesses will not recover if their building is destroyed by fire because they will lose too much valuable equipment and data.  For this reason all commercial buildings should have suitable fire detection systems and alarms in place.

First and foremost with staff working all over a building it is essential a detection system will allow staff to vacate the building at high speed, therefore everyone should be able to hear it. In addition all businesses have a legal requirement to undertake fire risk assessment which will assist in eliminating any obstruction or potential problems that may lead to a loss of life.

There are different levels of sophistication on offer and you can begin with a basic alarm system or perhaps choose the next level where detectors are linked together so that no matter where the fire the whole building will be evacuated swiftly. The next level integrates water sprinklers, a linked system and a call out to the fire service.

With years of experience in all of these types of systems KBO Security will ensure you can be confident that all your staff will be safe in the event of fire. We check alarms, provide a detailed plan of the property, develop exit routes and ensure your fire system will not be compromised by other aspects of your security plans, for example gates, barriers and doors not opening automatically in the event of fire.

At KBO we can supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire safety systems for commercial use, including:

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Wireless Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire Suppression and Extinguishing Systems
  • Aspiration Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Remote Monitoring

We provider our commercial customers with a high level of service and protection to provide the reassurance they need that everyone within their building remains safe.  Fire and life safety systems can be provided as standalone items or integrated with other security systems such as access control and CCTV systems.