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Fire & Life Safety Systems

A fire within the home can be devastating.  In the event of a fire at home many homeowners will suffer the loss of not just expensive items but also cherished mementos that cannot be replaced. For this reason all residential properties should have some form of fire detection systems in place.

We all know smoke can kill and being alert to the smallest possibility is a must to enable swift evacuation and containment. People are often frustrated by DIY alarms which have difficulty in distinguishing between the smoke from a Sunday morning fry-up or smoke from a fire. With a more sophisticated detection system, where detectors are linked, this means if one goes off they all do, especially effective in a large house on different floors. Some even notify the fire brigade and call for a rapid response.

However, whatever you choose, KBO will talk you through all the options to achieve evacuating your family rapidly and safely. We aim to understand your property intimately, checking whether alarms can be heard through doors, like garages, determining exit routes which may need amending, especially in roof conversions for example and identifying obstructions to a speedy exit.  All this advice and attention to detail could ultimately save your life.

At KBO we can supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire safety systems for domestic use, these include:

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Wireless Fire Detection Systems
  • Aspiration Systems
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Remote Monitoring

We offer our residential customers a high level of service and protection to give them the reassurance they need that their homes are protected.  Fire and life safety systems can be provided as standalone items or integrated with other security systems such as intruder alarms.