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CCTV Systems

CCTV systems provide visual surveillance technology which can be used to remotely monitor your home from wherever you are.  Considered to be one of the most effective ways of reducing crime, Closed Circuit Television Systems provide a highly visible deterrent and at KBO we offer a diverse range of residential CCTV systems to meet the needs of our client base.

Home use CCTV has grown in popularity and can give you a bird’s eye view of everything that is going on around your home, increasing your knowledge and your sense of safety. It is an obvious and extremely useful intruder deterrent and can help keep children safe too.

There are a range of options, sometimes one camera is sufficient for domestic needs while in bigger properties more complex systems should be considered. The options even include colour images which are now high quality which adds another dimension to the service. With further technological advancements there is a web dial in service available for you to view the pictures while you are away.

KBO will assess your home and highlight potential security hot spots, like proximity to neighbours, overhanging trees, fences and availability of light and the importance of aesthetics and then suggest a system which is just right for you.

We deal with a whole range of systems including the very best known brands whether your system is highly complex or effectively simple we can install, maintain and protect everything you deem important in your life and integrate CCTV into any other existing security systems you may have in place.

To determine which system is best for you we arrange for one of our consultants to visit your home and establish exactly what you need.  Whether you live in a house or apartment we provide expert advice and tailor our security solutions to your property.  

With advances in technology constantly improving CCTV products, KBO are always on the lookout for new ways to help you protect your property and possessions and we’ll share our views on the new systems that become available if we believe these are suitable for you.