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Public Sector

Fire Risk Assessment

For those businesses who have five or more employees on one site, they will be required to carry out a fire risk assessment in order to identify the best way to remove and reduce the risk of a fire.  Relevant documents must be recorded to ensure that insurance policies are validated. Your risk assessment and fire management plan should be reviewed on a regular basis, especially if you make any changes to your premises.

If you do not have a suitable member of staff who is trained to carry out the relevant fire risk assessment of your commercial property, KBO Fire & Security can provide a fully qualified and experienced expert to your premises to help to keep your fire hazards to a minimum as well as identifying appropriate routes of escape for your workers.  The safety of your employees should always be paramount, so do contact us as soon as possible to arrange for one of our team to come and visit you.

To contact a member of staff, you can either telephone us on 01252 891230 or you can email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.