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Why is it so important to maintain an existing fire alarm?

Why is it so important to maintain an existing fire alarm? With over 30 years of experience in fire and security solutions, we at KBO are passionate about raising awareness as to why it is so important to maintain your existing fire alarm. We are also committed to promoting a greater understanding as to the consequences if fire alarm maintenance is not carried out regularly. Most homeowners and tenants may only check their fire alarm sporadically, and only replace it

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How to keep your house safe while you’re on holiday.

How to keep your home safe while you’re on holiday This summer, many of us are eager to pack up and go away on holiday, to relax after all the stress of the lockdown. But, leaving your home unoccupied for any amount of time can mean you’re exposed to the risks of potential burglars getting in. Not only will they potentially take your precious possessions, but the feelings of violation cannot be underestimated and often linger long after the physical

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How Technology Can Be Used During A Pandemic

How Technology Can Be Used During A Pandemic The Covid 19 crisis is the worst pandemic of the 21st-century and is by no means over. One surprising aspect to emerge from these trying times, however, is the positive impact that technology has had and can have on limiting the spread of a virus, and assisting with minimising the impacts of a pandemic, whether via apps to track and trace the spread of a virus to infrared thermal cameras that can

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Coronavirus Scams – Staying Safe And Aware At Home

Coronavirus Scams – Staying Safe and Aware At Home Many of us are staying safe at home in order to maintain social distancing, protect our family members, neighbours, and many healthcare and essential workers in our communities. However, while most people are supporting one another, unfortunately, there is a huge increase in criminals and con-artists exploiting the coronavirus pandemic for their own financial gain. Coronavirus scams are being used by criminals to target residents across the UK and the financial

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Hospital Security Systems | Keeping Our Hospitals Safe

Hospital Security Systems | Keeping Our Hospitals Safe When it comes to hospitals, implementing and upholding exceptional health and safety policies is absolutely crucial and steps must be taken to ensure the protection of both the staff, patients and any other visitors within the premises. Within these considerations, security in hospitals also needs to be ensured, there are a number of different ways that this can be achieved. One of the best ways in which this can be done is

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How KBO is tackling the Covid-19 Crisis

How KBO is tackling the Covid-19 Crisis As the world finds itself in this unprecedented situation, here at KBO we are working hard to ensure that our team safely provide both commercial and residential properties with the security measures that they require.  The wellbeing of our employees and customers is our number one priority and we are taking steps to minimise risks during this time, adhering to all of the latest Government guidelines surrounding Social Distancing.   Our team are also

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