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UK Network Upgrade – Support For Your Business

Ensure your business alarm systems are ready for the UK telephone network upgrade As a business owner, you will no doubt have heard that the UK’s communication providers are in the process of updating telephone services from analogue equipment to digital technology. This nationwide network upgrade – the UK’s All IP Programme – is expected to be complete by the end of 2025. What does the UK telephone network upgrade mean for your business? The switch from analogue to enhanced

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The Advantages Of A Wireless Home Intercom System

How A Wireless Home Intercom Adds Security To Your Home Upping your security and reducing the risk of burglaries has never been easier with the latest developments in smart technology and security systems. We are lucky enough to be able to have access to these expert security solutions for our own home, without limitations. This includes wireless home intercom systems. If you’d like to add some more security to your home and are wondering whether a wireless home intercom could

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How your home security system can protect you from dog theft

With Dog Theft Awareness Day this month, our team want to highlight the benefits a high-quality burglar home alarm system can bring. Find out how a home security system installation can protect your canine companions and why KBO Fire & Security should be your home security system supplier of choice. Many people chose to introduce a new furry friend into the family during lockdown, with 11% of households welcoming a new pet during the pandemic. Unfortunately, dog thefts also increased

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With BT to switch off PSTN Networks in 2025, is it time to change to a VOIP intercom?

BT recently announced that the company would put an end to their analogue network by 2025 in a switch to digital that aims at replacing costly, outdated technology with new, faster and more cost-effective technology. Far from a great leap into the unknown, BT’s PSTN switch off is thought by some to be a long-overdue move. Estonia and The Netherlands have already switched off their PSTN networks and Germany, Japan and Sweden are ahead of the UK in the switch

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DIY home security equipment

Are DIY Home Security Systems Worth The Risk?

DIY Security Systems: The Risks Your home security provides a layer of protection to your family’s safe haven. The things we work so hard to attain and the people we love can be vulnerable to crimes and accidents, so the peace of mind you get from protecting them to the best of your ability is invaluable. When considering your options for home security, whether your motivation for acquiring these products and services is to comply with insurance requirements, to provide

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The Secondary Effects Of A Business Fire

When it comes to protecting your business in the aftermath of a fire, there are a number of different factors to consider. A fire does not just damage the premises of a business but can have long-lasting consequences on the daily running of the company too. These can include damage to a company’s reputation, serious injury and potential legal action. Every business is required by law to ensure they have adequate fire safety measures in place, including fire alarm systems

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