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Keeping Your Business Protected While Working Remotely

Keeping Your Business Protected While Working Remotely. Current Impact of Working from Home With the lockdown restrictions imposed by the pandemic may be coming to an end in the next few months, many business owners have made the decision to continue working remotely, at least part-time, for the foreseeable future. Whilst this has come with a range of positive benefits and given businesses the opportunity to reassess many of their working practices, one of the main negatives is the risk

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Reduce The Risk Of Opportunistic Burglaries

Reduce The Risk Of Opportunistic Burglaries. It is a sad fact that a burglary takes place every 40 seconds in the UK, so it is vital to guard against the possibility of opportunistic burglaries. Although the thought of being burgled is more often associated with residential homes or properties, thieves are always still keen to take advantage of any building where security is not up to date. Here are some key points to consider on how to reduce the risk

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Proper Placement and Setup of Business Surveillance Systems

Proper placement and setup of business surveillance systems. When looking to protect your business premises, it is critical to have the proper surveillance systems in place. Not only does the right surveillance equipment help to protect your business, but it also offers peace of mind for your employees and clients too. Here is everything you need to know about which surveillance systems are right for you, and what to consider during and after installation. How to Choose Your Surveillance Systems

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Protecting Your School – School Security Solutions

Protecting your school – school security solutions When it comes to school security solutions, there are a number of options available. CCTV surveillance is important to ensure all personnel on-site are known and permitted, along with access controls and intercoms for added security. School fire safety is also an essential consideration, with alarms available to quickly detect any signs of fire, alongside portable fire extinguishers, wireless detection systems and remote monitoring also vital. It may seem like there is a

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Why is it so important to maintain an existing fire alarm?

Why is fire alarm maintenance so important? With over 30 years of experience in fire and security solutions, we at KBO are passionate about raising awareness as to why it is so important to carry out fire alarm system maintenance on your existing fire alarm. We are also committed to promoting a greater understanding as to the consequences if fire alarm maintenance is not carried out regularly. Simply installing a fire alarm in homes and businesses is not enough to

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How to keep your house safe while you’re on holiday.

How to keep your home safe while you’re on holiday This summer, many of us are eager to pack up and go away on holiday, to relax after all the stress of the lockdown. But, leaving your home unoccupied for any amount of time can mean you’re exposed to the risks of potential burglars getting in. Not only will they potentially take your precious possessions, but the feelings of violation cannot be underestimated and often linger long after the physical

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