Commercial CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are one of the most effective ways of reducing crime because they deliver a highly visible deterrent.

Commercial CCTV installation has had a dramatic impact on crime prevention and detection, allowing both key and vulnerable spaces to be monitored day and night. It acts as both deterrent and as a monitor for anti-social or potential intruder activity. It also functions as a tracker, monitoring instances of walk-in theft, staff theft and associated criminal activity. As well as this, commercial CCTV installation provides increased peace of mind for you and your staff not only due to the deterrent, but also the greater chance of identifying those who have committed crimes usually means that, goods will be returned and the perpetrator will have to pay the consequences for their actions.

The latest CCTV systems have outstanding image quality and can be tailored to meet even the most complex of commercial needs.

We supply a wide range of CCTV solutions, with storage and management options that allow easy access and retrieval. You can access live coverage of your premises online, and choose a remote monitoring service that connects to our Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) which can track coverage for you. This means that even when staff are not onsite, you can still seek assurance that everything is in order, without having to physically go there, making commercial CCTV installation completely worthwhile, as it will save you both time and hassle.

As an independent commercial CCTV installation supplier, we can offer a wide range of products and bespoke solutions. If you need CCTV integrated into other aspects of your security arrangements we can do that too – as well as keeping you abreast of data protection legislation which is mandatory and requires your compliance.

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