Commercial CCTV Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems

ommercial surveillance systems are one of the most effective ways of reducing crime as they deliver a highly visible deterrent. You are much less likely to experience the hassle and destruction of intruders if a CCTV surveillance system is present.  However, even for those that the systems do not deter, you are far more likely to obtain justice, thanks to the evidence that the implementation of these devices provides. Here at KBO Fire and Security, we are proud to offer  commercial surveillance systems as well as repair, servicing and maintenance. We can provide you with everything you need to make your business safe and secure.

Commercial surveillance systems have had a dramatic impact on crime prevention and detection, allowing both key and vulnerable spaces to be monitored day and night. They act as both a deterrent and a monitor for anti-social or potential intruder activity. They also function as a tracker, monitoring instances of walk-in theft, staff theft and associated criminal activity. This means that those who commit crimes are much more likely to be held accountable.

CCTV surveillance systems allow you to keep a watchful eye over your premises wherever and whenever you so wish. As well as this, commercial surveillance systems also offer increased peace of mind for you and your staff, not only due to the deterrent but also the greater chance of identifying those who have committed crimes. This often helps to ensure that goods will be returned and that the perpetrator will have to face the consequences for their actions, making them unlikely to target your business again.

Each of the commercial surveillance systems we supply has outstanding image quality and can be tailored to meet even the most complex commercial needs. We Liaise with each and every one of our clients to ensure that we are providing them with high-quality solutions that are beneficial to them and suited to the individual requirements of their business setting. As well as providing excellent CCTV surveillance systems,, we also ensure that the placement of your systems is effective. We do this by carrying out thorough site surveys, where we are able to determine the areas of your business that are most at risk. We believe that our clients should not feel the need to settle for anything less than specifically tailored solutions, so we will always provide this as part of our services.

We supply a wide range of CCTV surveillance systems, with storage and management options that allow easy access and retrieval. You can access live coverage of your premises online, and choose a remote monitoring service that connects to our Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) which can track coverage for you. This means that even when staff are not onsite, you can still seek assurance that everything is in order without having to physically go there. This makes commercial surveillance systems completely worthwhile, as it will save you both time and hassle. Accessing the footage and monitoring your business remotely has never been simpler thanks to the advanced technology of our commercial surveillance systems.

Adopting a tailored approach to security is vital as each business has individual requirements that need to be carefully considered and managed effectively. If you need your CCTV surveillance systems integrated into other aspects of your security arrangements we can do that too – as well as keeping you abreast of data protection legislation which is mandatory and requires your compliance. When you choose us, you will be comforted with the knowledge that the overall security of your business setting has been drastically improved and the possibility of threat is significantly minimised. We will work with you to ensure that we’re providing you with the best commercial surveillance systems for you and your business.

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