Commercial Fire Alarm System

If there is a fire in your building, it’s essential that you have a detection system that will allow staff to vacate the building quickly and safely. All businesses have a legal requirement to undertake a fire risk assessment which will assist in eliminating potential obstructions or problems that may lead to building damage, injury or loss of life – and which should include a suitable category of fire detection systems. This is massively important in ensuring that everyone is able to make it out of the building quickly and safely if they need to do so.

There are different levels of commercial fire alarm systems available – from basic linked smoke detectors to automatic detection systems and a direct link to your nearest Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) so the system is monitored. With these systems, the pressure can be taken off, as there is the reassurance that you are in safe hands.

With years of experience in all of these types of systems, we will come out and conduct a free initial survey, check alarms, provide a detailed plan of the property, develop exit routes and ensure your fire system will not be compromised by other aspects of your security plans, for example gates, barriers and doors not opening automatically in the event of fire. We make sure that everything is clarified before the commercial fire alarm installation takes place.

commercial fire alarm installation
commercial fire alarm systems

Fire and life safety systems can be provided as standalone items or integrated with other security systems such as access control and CCTV systems. When these systems are synced it allows for an even safer environment, where you are completely in control of your home and it allows less room for human error. Whether or not you need to integrate systems does not need to be decided when a commercial fire alarm installation takes place, different systems can be integrated later on.


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Remote monitoring to increase your business security.