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At KBO Fire & Security we are able to offer a security site survey and/or a fire safety survey to each and every customer. We are passionate about making sure that the services we deliver are perfect for you. We know that each home and business demands different fire and security measure in order to obtain optimum safety for everyone, and all belongings. However, it is difficult to determine which products will provide the most benefits before we know all of the details about the specific environment, because of this, we recommend a site survey. When conducting our security site survey, we are able to note any potential risks and collate ideal solutions. Similarly, with our fire safety surveys, we are able to gain an understanding of the layout and therefore which alarms and other fire safety systems will be necessary for you. What’’s more is, you do not need to pay for these surveys and you are not obliged to go ahead with the suggestions from our expert team, the decision of whether to go ahead,  is still completely up to you.

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