Hospital Security Solutions | Keeping Our Hospitals Safe

Hospital Security Systems

Hospital Security Systems | Keeping Our Hospitals Safe

When it comes to hospitals, implementing and upholding exceptional health and safety policies is absolutely crucial and steps must be taken to ensure the protection of both the staff, patients and any other visitors within the premises. Within these considerations, security in hospitals also needs to be ensured, there are a number of different ways that this can be achieved. One of the best ways in which this can be done is through the use of hospital security systems and the highest quality products with proven performance and reliability.

Our team here at KBO have worked in a variety of different hospitals across the South East, most recently including Farnham Hospital, to provide them with the hospital security solutions most suitable for their requirements.

Our team of experts understand that there are no ‘one-size fits all’ solutions when it comes to hospital security systems. We tailor each of our designs to meet the needs of every individual premises and carry out thorough, extensive surveys which identify any potential risks in existing hospital security systems. This ensures that each hospital we work with is provided with the most relevant solutions for their specific requirements, and they do not need to compromise on any aspects of their security. Our wealth of experience means that we are able to identify risks and suggest the most ideal hospital security solutions to implement.

Farnham Road Hospital, Guildford

We were recently employed to improve the hospital security systems at Farnham Road Hospital, as it lacked the latest CCTV technology the hospital required to maximise the safety of their building. One of the key missing functions was access to remote viewing of hospital CCTV cameras. Their hospital CCTV System is not only required for general surveillance, but also for viewing vulnerable areas where people at high risk are present within the building. Having low-quality recordings is a cause for concern, should any incidents occur and film footage needs to be reviewed.

Our team of experts paid a visit to the site and carried out a detailed technical survey, in order to identify any issues which needed resolving, and which hospital security solutions were necessary. These included:

  • A lack of compatibility between the old CCTV recorders and the clients PC’s, which was the cause for a lack of connectivity and viewing issues.

  • There was not enough hard drive space for the number of cameras, which was severely limiting the recording duration.

  • There was a conflict with the username and passwords, to the IP cameras, which was causing some of the cameras to show no images.

Each of these things, combined with the overall low-resolution images being filmed, meant that the whole system really needed a refresh to bring things up to speed. We provided the client with a proposal that involved upgrading the existing hospital CCTV recorders, to rectify the issues identified and offer them a huge benefit in image quality thanks to the higher frame rate. Resolving these issues meant that overall hospital security was dramatically increased.

Farnham Hospital c/o Kier, Farnham

AAnother recent addition to our portfolio is Farnham Hospital, whose existing hospital security systems were becoming old and outdated as it reached the end of its life. One of the most specific demands the client had, that a new system must cater towards, was to cover a larger area of the hospital and minimise any existing blind spots.

Having assessed the situation in greater detail, our team concluded that the best hospital security solution here was to upgrade the systems to IP CCTV.

There are a range of benefits of having these modern hospital security systems in place, which would help to bring the hospital up to speed and ensure the additional safety of any vulnerable patients within. Some of these include:

  • higher image resolution

  • remote viewing of the system through a secure server

  • full control, pan tilt zoom cameras, minimising blind spots

  • future-proofing of the cable infrastructure with CAT6 now installed

  • a user-friendly system, simple to use

These IP CCTV systems also provide easy scalability upgrades, meaning you can simply add one or one hundred cameras in hard-to-see places over time. They also provide lossless playback, enabling footage to be viewed with multiple zoom without reducing the quality of the image.

Our team has now almost completed the upgrade of this old analogue hospital security system, converting it to an IP hospital CCTV system. The benefits of IP CCTV systems are digital video cameras that send footage directly via an IP network. These systems are the future of CCTV thanks to their superior image quality, they cover a much wider area, and over much more powerful search functions.

It’s not just cameras that come into play when it comes to hospital security systems. However, Last year we also upgraded the access control system to secure access and exit to these vulnerable wards and areas within the hospital, to protect the residents within from unwanted visitors.

We are delighted to have received the following feedback after installing quality hospital security solutions:

“I have found KBO Fire and Security to be a company who deliver a professional service. They have recently helped us overcome technical difficulties with a CCTV system that our maintenance contractor was unable to resolve.”

Testimonial (from main contractor on Farnham Hospital project)

“I have found KBO Fire and Security to be a company who deliver a quality, professional service at a competitive price. Currently they’re working on the upgrade of our CCTV System and of course the events around the Coronavirus has had a serious impact on trades working on site. KBO have demonstrated good working practice having put in place safety measures to safeguard operatives as well as implementing other measures to safeguard site workers and patients, including working out of normal hours and adjusting to methods of working to suit Government guidelines.”

PFI Contracts Manager – Kier Group plc

Does your healthcare premises need an upgrade?

Is your hospital security system performing to the best of its abilities? Is your hospital CCTV camera footage of an acceptable quality? Are your security alarms all functioning? If you have any doubts or concerns surrounding your hospital security systems, at KBO we are fully equipped to provide you with the most ideal solutions, and the peace of mind that you need. Whether you are looking for fire or security systems to ensure the safety of your staff and patients, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your needs and arrange a detailed survey, to discover where the team at KBO could help you to ensure the safety of your residents by implementing high-quality hospital security solutions.