How to keep your house safe while you’re on holiday.

Home Security While On Holiday

How to keep your home safe while you’re on holiday

This summer, many of us are eager to pack up and go away on holiday, to relax after all the stress of the lockdown. But, leaving your home unoccupied for any amount of time can mean you’re exposed to the risks of potential burglars getting in. Not only will they potentially take your precious possessions, but the feelings of violation cannot be underestimated and often linger long after the physical items have been replaced. That is why it is particularly important to take the necessary precautions available to protect your home, and maximise home security while you’re on holiday. You may be unsure of how to keep your home safe while on holiday, we can help. Follow these home security tips when on holiday and relax in the knowledge that you are doing everything possible to maintain home security while on holiday.

Secure the windows and doors.

Secure windows and doors are one of the most important steps to take. If you’re offering burglars easy access into your home with old rotten frames and broken locks, then they’re going to quickly make their way into your home. So, how can you keep your house safe from robbers? Investing in the most modern solutions can help to deter burglars from breaking in. The more difficult it is to gain access, the less likely an intruder is to persist, so secure windows and doors should definitely be considered as a worthwhile investment.

Don’t make your holiday public knowledge

Nowadays, virtually everyone uses some form of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or the like. It has long been common to share details of your own life with friends and relatives, but the definition of friends or followers is really broad. Do you have a real overview of who can see all of your posts? Do you know all the people well enough to rule out casual thieves? Better assume that this is not the case. Never share your holiday with others online. Information such as “Now it’s time to get to the airport!” Or “Finally two wonderful weeks on the Mediterranean!” is all it takes to convey to burglars: “We are not there, and you have all the time in the world!” Although you may want to share the excitement on your social media channels, you should consider saving posting until you have returned home. This is an extremely simple, yet effective way of maximising home security while on holiday.

Simulated occupancy

If you would like toHospital Security Systems learn how to keep your house safe from robbers, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. The best thing is to let people think you are at home. When you get back, there will be plenty of time to tell everyone about your holiday. There are also some useful tricks at home to make the people around you feel like you are still there. Of course, you could ask the neighbours to check your house and garden regularly. But if you don’t want to bother them with such a task, there are several clever tricks you could deploy. You could use a programmable timer to turn on lights and close/open blinds at certain times. A TV simulator can also be useful, so it is not recognisable from the outside that you really are not there. It is good practice to vary the times each day so that there is no discernable pattern.

Little details can also be a very effective deterrent, such as putting a pair of shoes in front of the front door. This is also a small indication of presence.

Outdoor Lighting

It is also important to think outside the box when considering how to keep your house safe from robbers. Installing lights which are activated by motion can be an excellent investment, helping to ward off even the boldest burglars. If when they approach a bright light locks onto them, they’re going to feel watched and this can also draw the attention of any nearby neighbours.

Security Cameras

Investing in security cameras is perhaps one of the best ways of securing your home from the threat of burglary, and maximising home security while on holiday. By ensuring you have all ‘access’ points covered – front door, back door, any large windows, etc, you can prevent burglars from entering. Gone are the days of grainy video footage, with most modern CCTV cameras providing HD quality film. Not only will burglars be spotted, but they’ll also most likely be recognised. The mere sight of a camera will deter many burglars, cameras also drastically increase the chances of justice being obtained, through the identification of burglars.

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