Home Safe Installation

Discreet Home Safes

Do you have cherished and valuable items that you want to keep secure in your home? Utilising our home safe installation service is the most efficient way to secure your possessions. The use of safes in the home is now on the increase, as people realise the importance of protecting their valuables – or are required by their insurance companies to do so. Our discreet home safe installation services offer the perfect vessel for concealing valuables in a secure way.

Each of our carefully selected safes has a rating based on cash content, ranging from £1000 to more than £100,000. A high-rating Choosing our residential safe installation services will dramatically impact insurance premiums, especially if the safe you choose is of a high rating. This means that not only is home safe installation a practical choice, it’s also a worthwhile investment.

Choosing home safe installation isn’t always fuelled by the need to secure personal possessions. Increasingly, people are choosing to work from home, and therefore may require a waterproof or fireproof safe for essential documents. Whatever you need it for, and whatever space you have, we can find a safe that fits. If you’re still undecided on whether to have a safe installed in your home, our home safe installation experts are sure to have all the answers.

We are accredited to supply and install safes in all residential properties. The types of safe we offer include:

Our expert advice, professionalism and support means you can be confident that your chosen home safe installation will be completed to the highest of standards. Why not contact us today to arrange a free no-obligation quote and survey? We also have a broad selection of all our safes in our Aldershot and Farnham showrooms, so pop in and try them out for yourself.

Door Entry & Intercoms

Door entry systems provide an effective way to monitor and control who has access to a building or certain parts within that building.


CCTV systems provide visual surveillance technology which can be used to remotely monitor your home from wherever you are.

Smoke & Fire Detection

A fire within the home can be devastating. For this reason all residential properties should have some form of fire detection systems in place.