Survey & Design - Bespoke Security Systems

Design is an important part of any business or home security system. We need to understand the way your business operates or the kind of lifestyle you lead in order to design a system that meets your requirements. There is simply no point in installing locks if they do not match the needs of the environment, with our bespoke security systems, we are able to completely tailor the end outcome to the demands of your business.

To establish exactly what these requirements are one of our consultants will visit your home or business to conduct a survey and assess the risk – this in turn will help us to understand what you are trying to protect or secure. By doing this, will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the security systems and therefore minimise the potential risks to your business.

As an independent company we can design a completely bespoke security system, whilst maintaining cost-effectiveness and using products from high quality, established and professional manufacturers. We are approved installers across a wide range of leading brands.

Bespoke Security Systems
Unique Security Systems

If you need a bespoke security system that has a particular look, or one that will integrate with other home or business security systems, we can take this information on board before starting the design process to ensure the finished product lives up to your expectations. This means that you do not need to worry about how your new security systems can be integrated, all of this will be discussed and predetermined beforehand.

We will provide a full specification or system design proposal that meets all the relevant standards. This will come with an easy-to-understand quotation that will help you to compare our solution with any other quotes so you can make an informed decision. We are passionate about providing all our clients with a quality and fair service that truly makes a difference to the security of your business.

For more information on our bespoke security systems get in touch with us on 0800 999 60 70, we are always happy to help!