UK Network Upgrade – Support For Your Business

Ensure your business alarm systems are ready for the UK telephone network upgrade

As a business owner, you will no doubt have heard that the UK’s communication providers are in the process of updating telephone services from analogue equipment to digital technology. This nationwide network upgrade – the UK’s All IP Programme – is expected to be complete by the end of 2025.

What does the UK telephone network upgrade mean for your business?

The switch from analogue to enhanced digital means that any company that utilises a special service – such as burglar alarms or integral fire and security systems – that uses the analogue telephone network will need to ensure that their products and services will continue to work in the digital era. 

The network upgrade will render all analogue communication lines obsolete. This means that any organisation (or domestic property) whose fire and/or security monitoring service relies on analogue lines as a means of exchange will need to switch to a digital system, ideally before the upgrade has been completed.

We’re on hand to support your business with the UK telephone network upgrade

The migration to an enhanced IP service is underway and you may have faced changes to your telephone network system already.

If your current intruder or fire alarm system relies on an analogue telephone network line to send signals to a monitoring centre then you must take action as soon as possible, as these lines will cease to operate by 2025.

KBO Security can supply and install systems which use modern IP technology to overcome this issue, for consistent connectivity and to ensure that ongoing communications with your signalling and monitoring systems remain active around the clock. 

KBO Security’s monitored alarm systems

We deliver reliable fire and intruder alarms to commercial and residential customers, across London, Surrey, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. 

From guidance and system design to installation and maintenance, our resilient monitored fire and intruder alarms provide invaluable peace of mind that commercial premises or residential properties are secure and protected against the threat of intruders and fire.

To discuss the impact of the UK telephone network upgrade, or for expert advice on smart wireless fire or intruder detection solutions, call today on 0800 999 60 70.

Our services

In addition to IP-enabled fire and intruder systems, that are monitored and linked to the digital telephone network, we offer a further range of services to protect the safety and security of your business premises or home.