Are DIY Home Security Systems Worth The Risk?

DIY home security equipment

DIY Security Systems: The Risks

Your home security provides a layer of protection to your family’s safe haven. The things we work so hard to attain and the people we love can be vulnerable to crimes and accidents, so the peace of mind you get from protecting them to the best of your ability is invaluable.

When considering your options for home security, whether your motivation for acquiring these products and services is to comply with insurance requirements, to provide your home and family with the best protection or both, you will come across one big decision:

Should I contract the services of a home security company or should I opt for DIY home security?

With DIY security equipment so easily available from online suppliers and online tutorials to answer most of your questions, the benefits of hiring professional services may not be apparent.

Online shopping websites can easily help you track down self-install security equipment in every price range which assures you great results along with quick and easy installation. However, before you start filling your shopping basket with security equipment and cross the virtual checkout; let’s examine a few of the risks of DIY security installations.

1. Expertise

No matter how much information you read through at the weekend before purchasing DIY home security equipment online, this can’t replace the benefit of working with professionals who deal with specialised products and their installation on a daily basis.

During a site survey, a security specialist will be able to rapidly identify your home or business’s vulnerable entry points, fire hazards and any other risks. They will be able to discuss your existing concerns and give you their own perspective, recommending areas for camera or alarm placement and informing you of the latest technical developments available, explaining clearly why these options may or may not work for you. When you choose to work with a professional, you are gaining the perspective of an individual and a company with many years of experience in resolving these issues every day.

2. Monitoring 

Although some self-install security systems offer you the possibility of monitoring your home via phone or tablet, allowing you to visualize your home and call the emergency services at the sight of anything suspicious or dangerous, security companies can provide 24 hr. remote monitoring that is completely independent from your devices.

This is an important benefit as should there be an incident in your home while you are inside that prevents you from getting to a phone to alert the police, your security company will be able to raise the alarm.

3. Support and Maintenance

As your home security system is not your only concern, it can be easy to get behind on maintenance services. You may find that parts of the system need updating or replacing, which not only adds expense but also adds hassle.

Some ‘do it yourself home security systems require reconfiguration if the power to the system is cut or if they disconnect from the internet. These are issues that can be caused by a tripped fuse or a power surge, by adverse weather conditions or by hackers accessing your system to cause a security breach.

It is highly possible that the time when it’s least convenient to reconfigure your system may well be the time that you need it the most.

When you entrust your home security to a professional security company, any disconnection from the service is their warning to act swiftly; they will be there for you at the time it is least convenient for you to take care of things yourself.

The benefits of working with a professional security company

A subscription to a home security service may leave you with the impression that you’re paying for something intangible, but it’s worth remembering that a home security service should just be there in the background working, like an energy supplier or a mobile phone network. These service providers do the work so that you don’t have to worry: your phone or your electricity should “just work” – and so should your home security.

When you take your home security into your own hands by installing a DIY home security system, every aspect becomes another one of your numerous responsibilities. Home security companies are specialists whose sole purpose is to look out for the welfare of their client’s homes and businesses 24 hours a day. 

When it comes to your home security you should feel assured that even if there is a breach and even if you can’t resolve the issue, there is a reliable company that is already dealing with it for you.

If you’re looking for a professional home security company that can provide you and your family with the peace of mind that you deserve, get in touch with KBO Fire & Security.

KBO Fire & Security not only provide residential and commercial fire and security services but also hold an impressive number of industry accreditations that are recognised by insurance companies, police forces and fire brigades. To find out more about the benefits of security companies when compared to ‘do it yourself home security solutions, get in touch with a member of our team today.