Intruder Dectection Services

Intruder Detection Systems

At KBO we provide a range of commercial security systems and services that are easy to operate and conform to the latest requirements and regulations. Our intruder detection systems commercial surveillance systems help to give you peace of mind knowing that your business is being looked after 24/7.

Insurance companies have increased their stipulations regarding cover provision and therefore intruder detection systems are a necessity for your business. They should be both a deterrent and be able to give assistance with detection if appropriate.

Motion sensors activate an audible siren – this may be to alert personnel to a break-in or when an employee is perhaps unauthorised to enter a restricted area. KBO ensures external monitoring can be linked up to the commercial alarm system to increase protection.

We offer a free survey so that you can find out about all the possible intruder detection commercial surveillance system services for protecting your business to the highest specification within your budget.

Intruder Detection System
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Our professional engineers install alarms quickly and efficiently, causing the minimum amount of disruption to your working day, and will always ensure that you completely understand how to operate the system before they leave.

Our commercial security systems are tailored to meet the needs of your business and can include:

Access Control Systems

A safer and more secure environment for you and your employees.

CCTV Surveillance

Remotely monitor your business premises from wherever you are.

Fire Detection & Life Safety

All commercial buildings need suitable fire protection systems and alarms.