Security & Door Entry Case Study

The Project: 

To carry out the tailor made installation of fire detection systems, Access Control, Intercom, intruder and CCTV throughout the historical and recently refurbished Charles Doll building.

In this door entry case study,it was essential that the installations not only provide the absolute latest and highest standards in technology, but the design had to integrate seamlessly and tastefully into the building’s aesthetics.

The Charles Doll building, named after its architect Charles Fitzroy Doll and located on London’s Grape Street, is believed to be a contemporary of one of his other famous designs: the Hotel Russell.

Both Victorian era buildings are clad in decorative thé-au-lait (“tea with milk”) terracotta. The extravagant façades of these buildings are understood to have resulted in the expression ‘all dolled up’.

Our Client:

In this security & door entry case study, the client was seeking a property developer with a keen eye for architecture. This building situated in the Bloomsbury area is destined for office space rental and has been lovingly and carefully redesigned, maintaining and highlighting all the key original design features whilst updating the spaces to modern standards.

The Challenge: 

To meet and exceed our clients expectations by providing fully bespoke systems with exquisite design to compliment this stunning refurbished Victorian building.

The sleek and modern design of our fire security and access control systems had to be free of visible wiring and in keeping with the building’s aesthetics.

Our Solution: 

After carrying out a full technical survey and design consultation of the Charles Doll building we provided a variety of solutions, including:

  • A tailor made exterior intercom bell box in black metal which integrates perfectly into the building’s design.
  • Multi-tenancy access control.
  • Concealed electric locks.
  • Decentralised administration of the Access Control, giving the Landlord overall administrative rates, whilst allowing tenants to administer their own office space.
  • Remote app access on mobile device to the CCTV.
  • Black CCTV cameras, in keeping with the building’s design. 
  • CCTV integrated into the intercom. This system stores footage for 30 days, keeping a reliable record of everyone who accesses the building and at what times.
  • Intercom monitors set up.

Our Summary: 

In this security & door entry case study, KBO Fire and Security were able to provide cutting edge solutions that perfectly integrate design and technology. 

Although fire and security technology has a reputation for being cumbersome and unsightly, KBO can provide bespoke designs that blend seamlessly into any building’s design without compromising on performance.

If you require a fire or security system for a challenging building design, why not speak to KBO Fire and Security today? We are a trusted supplier of fire safety equipment as well as intercoms and CCTV systems for some of the country’s most challenging and highly regarded building projects.

To find out more about this particular security & door entry case study, or to find out more about what we can offer you, contact our team on 0800 999 60 70 and let KBO propose innovative solutions that will exceed your expectations.