How KBO is tackling the Covid-19 Crisis

How is KBO is Providing Covid-19 Safe Security

As the world finds itself in this unprecedented situation, here at KBO we are working hard to ensure that our team safely provide both commercial and residential properties with the security measures that they require. Following the latest government guidance, we make sure we run a Covid safe security company.

The wellbeing of our employees and customers is our number one priority and we are taking steps to minimise risks during this time, adhering to all of the latest Government guidelines surrounding Social Distancing.  

Our team are also taking steps to ensure that they are maintaining high standards of hygiene, washing their hands regularly and frequently cleaning and disinfecting any objects or surfaces which are used in the workplace. They will be fully equipped with hand sanitiser and any other relevant PPE when out visiting any of our client sites.

We endeavour to continue to provide each of our clients with a professional service which meets their needs, offering high-quality, cost-effective Covid safe security and fire safety solutions. With so many commercial properties remaining unattended, it’s essential to ensure that you have invested in the latest Covid safe security and fire measures to protect your belongings. Click here to read more. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and will post any updates here should things change further, so as to keep our employees and customers informed.  

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 999 60 70. In the meantime, we wish all of our customers well and hope that you remain safe during these troubling times. 

To find out more about how we are helping to keep our customers and colleagues safe during this time, please take a look below:

How can Social Distancing be achieved whilst working on an installation, building or refurb project? 

  • Our team will undertake a thorough risk assessment of the situation, including any concerns from workers and clients. 
  • Ourselves and our clients should communicate as much as possible via phone, email and video call, in order to minimise any unnecessary face to face contact. 
  • If the part of your home that the contractors are working in can be divided off from the rest of the house, leaving the clients in residence with sufficient kitchen and bathroom facilities, then you could consider getting the work completed, whilst also taking additional precautions to protect everyone’s health (see below). 
  • Appropriate social distancing, keeping two metres apart, will be adhered to at all times. Any time spent closer than this, only where absolutely necessary, must be minimised.
  • Separate washing facilities and refreshment stations should also be arranged, particularly if anyone in the house has experienced symptoms of COVID-19.  

  • If the property is currently empty, then there is no reason why the work cannot go ahead and our team will be responsible for keeping two metres away from one another.
  • Breaks will be taken separately, to ensure social distancing is upheld.
  • Please note that if any residents within the property that we are working on, or in, are on the list of ‘shielded patients’ who are particularly vulnerable, we must be informed and will cease working on the project for the time being.

What additional precautions will our clients and builders take to protect themselves? 

  • We will be using the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as facemasks, gloves and safety glasses, so as to minimise potential contact.
  • We will maintain high standards of housekeeping and ensure that the site is safe and tidy at all times. 
  • Tools and equipment will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. 
  • Regular hand washing will occur and hand sanitiser will be provided to all members of the team.

When should work on-site be stopped? 

  • Clients have a responsibility to inform us if they become unwell, and vice-versa so that the risk of spreading the virus can be minimised. Good communications are critical for both parties, so do not delay in passing on information to our team if your situation changes and anyone begins to show symptoms, or has been in contact with others who have the virus. 

When attending a call out at a client property (Including aforementioned measures) 

  • We will ask the occupant to leave the point of entry door to the property ajar so we do not need to touch it. 
  • We will kindly request that the occupant to leave a window open in the property 

  • We will ensure that the occupant remains in a separate room with the door closed throughout the entire visit, so as to avoid contact with our team.
  • We will communicate any repairs or diagnosis of the fault/defect to the occupant when leaving the property with any further reports to be made to the client via remote communication. 
  • We will only touch essential surfaces.  On leaving the property, we will wipe down the surfaces touched with an appropriate disinfectant agent. Dispose of PPE and wash our hands thoroughly.