Protecting Your School – School Security Solutions

School Security Systems

Protecting your school – school security solutions

When it comes to school security solutions, there are a number of options available. CCTV surveillance is important to ensure all personnel on-site are known and permitted, along with access controls and intercoms for added security. School fire safety is also an essential consideration, with alarms available to quickly detect any signs of fire, alongside portable fire extinguishers, wireless detection systems and remote monitoring also vital.

It may seem like there is a lot to consider, which is where our services are extremely beneficial. We are on hand to provide you with advice and guidance so that your school premises are protected as much as possible. KBO has been trusted to protect schools for over 30 years, through providing them with high-quality school security systems that really make a difference. We offer the following school security solutions:

  • CCTV surveillance
  • Access control and intercoms
  • Intruder detection systems
  • Service maintenance and monitoring
  • Fire detection and life safety
  • Safes

Protecting School Premises

It is an unfortunate fact that school premises can often fall victim to vandalism and antisocial behaviours. In order to ensure there is no trespassing onto school property, school security cameras should be installed to monitor all necessary areas. This will provide peace of mind for not only staff but pupils too. One of the main ways vandals and other criminals gain access to school property is by jumping fences, which can be very alarming. Here at KBO we understand that the safety of staff, and especially pupils, is the highest priority for all schools, and can assist with installing and maintaining existing school surveillance and safety measures. We can also recommend suitable upgrades and alternative school security systems so that your school is completely protected.

It is equally as important to make sure that these systems are well maintained and kept up to date, to ensure that everything is working efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing the most up to date security measures which are designed to keep those on the premises safe. So, whether you need maintenance or to upgrade your existing security systems, or if you need completely new systems, we can help.

Why School Security is So Important

Having the correct school security solutions in place, to prevent property damage and to keep staff and children safe, is essential for all schools. Having a high level of security measures in place will deter criminals from targeting school property. Without the proper CCTV surveillance, access controls, intercoms and school alarm systems in place, anyone could wander onto school grounds. This could mean criminals stealing property from school or pupils, particularly expensive computer equipment, such as monitors and projectors. A lack of proper surveillance in place also allows pupils to gain access to any area of the school, even restricted places, which may be dangerous. However, with the correct monitoring in place, pupils can move about freely during the school day, safe in the knowledge that both themselves and their property are safe. It will also deter pupils from going to school areas where they know they should not be without a member of staff, as they know that there are high-quality school security systems in place.

Another important factor to consider is fire alarms. During a drill, unauthorised personnel may use this time to their advantage to steal or damage school property. With the correct school alarm systems in place, it would be impossible for vandals to set off the alarms themselves, putting the school back in control of fire safety. Not only are school security solutions vital to the everyday safe running of the school and those who work and learn there, but it also helps the school to gain and maintain a better reputation by removing the possibility of all types of theft, criminal damage, and anti-social behaviours.

Creating a Strategy for Your School Security Systems

As the tactics of criminals and vandals evolve to keep up with changes in security technology, it is essential that schools stay one step ahead of them. At KBO, we can help schools to create a bespoke security system that adapts to their changing needs. Not only can we help to create an immediate school security solution to any security issue, but we can advise on how to protect your school both now and in the future too. We provide monitoring systems, such as CCTV surveillance and wireless fire detection systems, as well as tangible security measures too such as intercoms and access control systems. At KBO we can help your school to maximise safety measures for pupils and staff, as well as minimise any risk posed by vandals, criminals and others who may want to cause disruption or damage to school property.

To find out more information about our school security solutions, get in touch with a member of our team today.