Proper Placement and Setup of Business Surveillance Systems

Setup of business surveillance systems.

When looking to protect your business premises, it is critical to have the proper surveillance systems in place. Not only does the right surveillance equipment help to protect your business, but it also offers peace of mind for your employees and clients too. Here is everything you need to know about which surveillance systems are right for you, and what to consider during and after installation.

How to Choose Your Surveillance Systems

As a business owner, there are a number of important factors to consider when deciding how to set up a video surveillance system. In order to find the right kind of surveillance, first you must identify the areas of your premises which are most vulnerable. These could include, for example, entrances and exits, as well as areas where valuables are kept. It is also common for business owners to ignore certain blind spot locations, which are more likely to be the target of criminals, especially any areas that are poorly lit, which may pose a risk when it comes to security. KBO Fire and Security can assist in advising you as to the best bespoke security surveillance system for your business, no matter your industry or premises size.

Where to Install Your Surveillance Systems

Once you have located the most vulnerable areas of your premises, next you will need to decide where to install your business surveillance systems. You should have cameras focused on any high-risk areas. These include anywhere that money changes hands, such as a cash register or till, plus any areas where the lighting is poor. Access points can also pose a security issue, so it is a wise idea to have all of these covered with surveillance systems too in order to prevent any future problems.

The Legalities of Surveillance Systems

When installing surveillance systems for your business, it is important to always be aware of the legal ramifications. For example, the law prohibits surveillance systems being installed anywhere that could breach personal privacy of either staff or clients. Such areas can include toilets, communal changing facilities, as well as hotel rooms and exam halls.

Ensuring Correct Setup of Surveillance Systems

If your surveillance system is not set up correctly, then it is just as useless as having no surveillance system in place at all. This is why it is vital to always use a professional installer in order to be sure that all equipment is functioning correctly. KBO Fire and Security have been advising businesses for almost 40 years, and their expert team can ensure your setup process is completed correctly and promptly. When setting up business surveillance systems, it is important to make sure all cameras have a clear and uninterrupted view of the target areas. Full visual coverage is critical to establish a thoroughly comprehensive view of all specified locations.

Benefits of Remote Access Surveillance Systems

Although you may choose to have security staff monitoring the live feed on a consistent basis, many businesses may also require remote access. Remote access is a really good idea to consider, as this means you can check in on vulnerable areas of your business as and when you want to, no matter what time of the day or night. Along with making sure that all your cameras are able to record and view each area correctly, it is also essential to now ensure all your surveillance systems are password protected. Unfortunately, cybercrime is on the rise, and hackers can easily disrupt surveillance recordings if they are not sufficiently password protected. Speak to KBO Fire and Security for more information as to how to keep your surveillance systems secure online.

Many business owners may find the thought of surveillance systems a headache or be intimidated by the setup process and considerations. However, not securely watching your business could lead to problems down the line, including making your business a target for criminals, who are always on the lookout for businesses that are lacking in proper CCTV and associated surveillance cameras and equipment.

In order to make sure your business is not a target for theft, criminal damage and other anti-social behaviours, speak to KBO Fire and Security today and find out how their friendly and helpful team could assist in making your business safe and secure both now and in the future. Get in touch here.