Six Reasons Why It’s Vital Your Fire And Security Equipment Is Serviced

Six Reasons Why It’s Vital Your Fire And Security Equipment Is Serviced.

Servicing Your Fire & Security Equipment

Investing in fire and security equipment is a good start, but you need to keep it serviced and updated otherwise you are paying for the illusion of safety and nothing more. Plus, you never know what sort of damage has occurred or what sort of wear has taken place. Do not take fire safety equipment servicing lightly because even small defects can compound fire safety problems when an incident does occur.

1 – Protecting Your Business, Your Employees and People at Home

The elephant in the room is the fact that fire and security equipment protects people. Just like you wouldn’t install a balcony without a railing, you wouldn’t allow people in your home or building without proper fire and security measures in place. On the one hand, you have a duty of care to your dependents and your employees, and on the other hand, you have legal obligations and insurance obligations, especially if you are hiring people or allowing members of the public on your property. If you happen to be a landlord, then it is imperative that you have very good fire and security measures that are not only installed but are correctly maintained too. This is even more imperative following the tragic events of the Grenfell Tower incident in 2017, with landlords now needing to step up to ensure tragedy doesn’t strike again.

2 – Show Your Commitment to Fire and Security Safety

Your insurance companies are going to insist on both a level of fire safety and security measures, and also on a certain level of maintenance. It is good if you have maintenance receipts from a reputable company like KBO Fire & Security, so you may show your insurance companies that you are doing all that is required to maintain the safety of whoever enters your buildings. Also, it is not enough to simply do good, you must be seen to do good. People need to see your fire safety equipment, your security equipment, and they need to see that you are maintaining them correctly if you want to earn their trust and loyalty.

3 – Efficient Safety Equipment

Ideally, you want safety and security equipment that is fast and efficient, and you keep your equipment that way by keeping it maintained. We have all seen US sitcoms and movies with rusty escape ladders (Final Destination 2), or where fire escapes do not unlatch correctly (Friends Season 7, Episode 12). They are funny on the screen, but they cost lives in the real world. Improperly cared for equipment costs lives, hinders rescues, and results in more damage. This is especially true when fire detection systems are slow to respond because fire can easily spread to areas where sprinklers cannot reach.

4 – Identify Problems Before They Occur

One of the great things about fire safety equipment servicing and fire safety and security checks is that they can identify problems before they actually cause damage or risk. This includes a range of scenarios that are often born from unexpected events. For example, many fire safety systems become compromised after accidental floods where water and mould take hold in ceiling beams and even areas of a wall, weakening areas that are integral to the operation of fire safety equipment. Accidental damage is another big problem because something as simple as a cracked door frame may not seem like a problem, but if it is warping the movement of your fire door and slowing it down, it could cost lives if there is a fire and smoke is filling the building.

5 – Ensuring Your Fire Safety Equipment is fit for Your Newest Purposes

Many people fail to realize that when they make big changes in their house, their rental properties, or their businesses, that they also need to update their fire safety and security measures and equipment. Things as simple as installing a hot tub, or as complex as setting up a server room, all require new and updated fire and security measures and equipment. It is also a good idea to review your fire and safety procedures and equipment. If new laws come into play, or new insurance rules take hold.

6 – Maintain Your Equipment for Longer

It probably sounds obvious, but if you maintain your equipment, then it lasts longer. It is the same as if you buy a car, if you keep it serviced, then it lasts longer and often works more efficiently into its old age. The thing about fire and security equipment maintenance is that a stitch in time often does save nine. Something as simple as repairing a small piece of rubber in your sprinkler system may help avoid more serious issues like rust and caused by small leaks. Even things like the insulation coming off your pipes may help avoid problems like condensation and mould in later years, which helps avoid a big refit.

Final Thoughts – Doing it Right

There is no point in investing good money in fire and security measures and equipment, only to have it serviced by a bunch of cowboys. You need a reputable and dependable company like KBO Fire & Security. They are an excellent company that is fully equipped to install and service equipment to the highest safety standards, which will please your insurance company as a pleasant side effect. Get in touch today