Keeping Your Business Protected While Working Remotely

Keeping Your Business Protected While Working Remotely With Office Surveillance Systems.

Current Impact of Working from Home

With the lockdown restrictions imposed by the pandemic possibly coming to an end in the next few months, many business owners have made the decision to continue working remotely, at least part-time, for the foreseeable future. Whilst this has come with a range of positive benefits and given businesses the opportunity to reassess many of their working practices, one of the main negatives is the risk it poses to now-empty work premises, which can pose a number of different security issues. This can easily be resolved through the implementation of business security camera systems. We discuss this further throughout the course of this blog.

What are the Security Issues with Working Remotely?

Whether your business is a bricks and mortar shop or an office location that provides services, leaving your premises empty for long periods of time can pose a big risk to opportunist criminals and vandals. Many criminals have unfortunately been able to use the pandemic to their advantage, targeting premises that have clearly had to close for the foreseeable future. Top security issues with working remotely that could arise as a result of leaving your premises vacant include –

      • Vandalism
      • Squatters
      • Arson
      • Theft of Property
      • Criminal Damage

However, there are still plenty of ways you can take action in order to ensure your business remains secure even whilst you and your staff are working remotely, one way you can do this is through installing business surveillance systems.

How to Protect Your Business When Working Remotely

Although there is nothing you can do to get back to your usual place of work any faster, luckily there are still plenty of ways you can protect your business premises even during this period of vacancy. Here are just a few simple steps you should consider.

1. Security Remote Monitoring CCTV – Business Security Camera Systems

Security remote monitoring CCTV allows you to see exactly what is happening on your business premises at any given time of the day or night, without physically having to be there in person. Having a professional company, such as KBO Security, install the most up to date business surveillance CCTV system can not only help business owners to remotely monitor their premises with ease, but can actively work as a deterrent in and of itself, with many would-be criminals put off even at the sight of a working office surveillance system. As well as this, business security camera systems can help criminals be brought to justice, through being able to recognise the suspects with the footage obtained. So, clearly office surveillance systems provide business owners with a whole range of different benefits.

2. Intercoms

An intercom system is also another great way to be able to remotely monitor and interact with anyone who might be looking to approach or access your business whilst you are not there. All business owners can use their intercom system to speak to anyone who pushes the button, giving the illusion that the premises are still occupied for greater security. Modern intercoms also allow you not just to speak to the person, but to see them as well, so you can decide whether it is appropriate to allow them access to your business or not.

3. Fire Alarms

Threats from vandals and arson can be a big concern for business owners who are currently forced to leave their premises empty. A fire alarm means that in the event of any criminal damage, the appropriate authorities are alerted immediately, helping to catch those responsible as well as minimise any damage to your business property too.

4. Safes

It is inevitable that some valuables may need to be left on the premises during times when your business is closed. Installing a safe is a great way to protect important items and valuables from would-be thieves, and is also a good place to store sensitive paperwork that could violate GDPR regulations if it were to fall into the wrong hands. A safe provides not just a reassuring option for remote business workers, but for your customers and clients too.

5. Service Maintenance & Monitoring

Opting to outsource and have a specialist company monitor your business premises whilst you are working remotely is another excellent way to ensure your property remains protected. A service maintenance and monitoring company will always be able to take the most prompt action should any criminal behaviour occur, giving you optimum peace of mind when you cannot be there physically to monitor your business every day during the current pandemic restrictions.

KBO Security fully appreciate that this is a stressful and worrying time for many business owners. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to keeping your business protected during this time of remote working, then contact their team today who will be able to provide you with bespoke solutions such as office surveillance systems, intercoms, fire alarms, safes and service, maintenance and monitoring. We will help you to keep your business safe during the pandemic and beyond.