The Advantages Of A Wireless Home Intercom System

How A Wireless Home Intercom Adds Security To Your Home

Upping your security and reducing the risk of burglaries has never been easier with the latest developments in smart technology and security systems. We are lucky enough to be able to have access to these expert security solutions for our own home, without limitations. This includes wireless home intercom systems. If you’d like to add some more security to your home and are wondering whether a wireless home intercom could be right for you, let our team of experts help at KBO Security. Read more below on the advantages of a wireless home intercom system and how it adds both peace of mind and security to your home.

Advanced Security Systems

With our wireless home intercom systems, you are able to be in complete control over who has access to your home. The advanced security of a wireless home intercom system means you can choose who you let into your property and monitor who is coming and going. Wireless intercom systems also often come with the added option of video too, so you’re even able to physically see who you’re granting access to your home. At KBO Security, we are proud to offer audio intercom systems and video intercom systems too. To learn more about our door entry intercom systems, click here.

Deterring Thieves

Simply having a wireless intercom in place can deter thieves and give you 24/7 surveillance of your property. In 2020/21 there were over 267 thousand burglaries in England and Wales, so taking security measures like having an intercom system in place could be what prevents a burglary. If you have a clear security system in place, burglars are unlikely to want to take the risk of being caught.

Easy and Convenient

Wireless home intercom systems are quick and easy for our team at KBO Security to install due to not requiring any hardwiring. They connect via a WiFi or 4G data signal. It’s always best to get a professional to install your wireless security systems to ensure they are fully functional and working to a high standard.

On top of being simple for our team to install, the added convenience of a wireless security system is unbeatable. You are able to keep an eye on things going on outside whilst not having to actively be watching. If a parcel arrives and you can’t quite get to the door in time, you can tell the delivery driver to leave it on the doorstep for a short time so that they aren’t left waiting. It could also be a great assistance if you are living with a disability or are a busy carer, too, as you are able to let guests into your building without getting up or going downstairs.

Peace of Mind

With home wireless intercom systems, you don’t have to be home to monitor your property. As you’ll be able to connect to the system on your phone, it doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll be able to see what’s going on. If you go on holiday, or are simply at work, you’ll be able to monitor what’s happening at home. You’ll have peace of mind every time you leave your home. 

Increasing Your Property Value

If your home has a wireless intercom system installed, this can help increase your property value. Buyers will prioritise assessing the safety of a property before purchasing, and a wireless home intercom system will give them that instant ease of mind. Smart security systems can add value to a property as it is very appealing to potential buyers.

If you own a building, such as a block of flats, it could make your property more appealing to prospective tenants. Adding a wireless intercom system to your building will make your tenants feel a lot more secure in their homes and positively attract new tenants, too. 

Choose KBO Security Today

At KBO Security, our team of specialists understand you’ll need an option that’s right for your home to put your mind at maximum ease. This is why we visit you at home first to work with you to decide what’s best for your property. Our wireless intercom systems are reliable and with a range of finishes to choose from, we’re bound to have something that suits your home. If you are looking for peace of mind and a security company that you can always trust, choose KBO Security today.

To learn more about our wireless home intercom systems or to book a free initial survey, please get in touch with our friendly team today. Call us on  0800 999 60 70. We look forward to hearing from you.