Reduce The Risk Of Opportunistic Burglaries

Person breaking and entering into a residential home

How To Deter Burglars At Night

Reduce The Risk Of Opportunistic Burglaries.

It is a sad fact that a burglary takes place every 40 seconds in the UK, so it is vital to guard against the possibility of opportunistic burglaries. Although the thought of being burgled is more often associated with residential homes or properties, thieves are always still keen to take advantage of any building where security is not up to date. Here are some key points to consider on how to reduce the risk of opportunistic burglaries, with advice on how burglar alarms can deter burglars.

What Do Opportunistic Burglars Look For?

Protecting your premises is about more than just cutting edge security systems. Poorly maintained locks on windows and old fashioned door entry systems can be just as enticing for burglars too. Whilst this may seem unnerving, knowing that an opportunistic burglar will take advantage of any weak entry point allows you to take back control and fully protect your premises by examining and updating all possible points of entry.

How to Prevent Burglary

Safety Measures to Consider

Opportunistic burglaries are rarely planned with much thought or care, so doing as much as you can to deter them in the first place is essential. Do not leave deliveries of expensive items in an exposed area, and recycle or remove all packaging promptly that might suggest there is expensive equipment on site. Many older buildings often have old fashioned window fastenings, such as sash windows, so it is important to update all window locks. The same is true for door locks too. Whether you are concerned about your home, business or educational premises, installing an up to date entry system can really help as an active deterrent when it comes to opportunistic burglars. Having a visible alarm system in place is also a great way to ensure any potential thief does not attempt to break in. It is an easy and effective option to help deter burglars. At KBO Security, we have plenty of intruder detection systems to choose from to help protect your home or premises.

Don’t Ignore Sheds or Outbuildings

If you have any outbuildings or sheds, always make sure that these are secured as well, otherwise, they may become an easy option for a passing burglar. If you drive an expensive car or vintage motorcycle, this can also be particularly appealing for the opportunistic burglar, so always try to park out of sight in a garage or use a specific tarpaulin to conceal any valuable vehicles.

Deterring Burglars Both During The Day And At Night

Although we may usually associate burglars with trying to break in during the dead of night, it is actually more common for opportunistic burglaries to take place during the day as homeowners and neighbours are usually out. Burglars may also target professional or educational premises during the school holidays when they are confident no one will be around to catch them. If you are going away or know that a professional premises may be empty for some time, it is a good idea to use timed lights which will come on once it gets dark to give the illusion that the building or home is currently occupied. Always be sure to close all windows and doors and lock them each night, even if you are still home, as this will help deter burglars at nigh. In our home environment especially, it can be easy to forget how vulnerable our property could still look to a passing thief, so closing up every night as if you were leaving the house is an important step in how to prevent burglary.

Do Not Fall Victim Twice

Unfortunately, many burglars return to the scene of a crime if they know the home or business premises has poor security and weak locks. In order to combat becoming a victim twice, be sure to use UPVC doors and windows to help deter burglars. These come with multi-lock features and are virtually impossible for a burglar to break in through. Equally, always be sure that all keys are out of sight and are not left in locks. Also considering investing in automatic outside lighting that will come on as soon as anyone approaches the property. If you have concerns about unwanted visitors in your area, you can always call 101 to report suspicious activity. You can also register your valuables as, who can help you get them back if they are unfortunately stolen.

Here at KBO we have all the home alarm options you need to keep your property safe from theft and burglaries, and their helpful team are always on hand to find the perfect security solution for your property or premises. Get in touch here.